ARTiTUS by FT is a jewellery collection with attention to bold & beautifully crafted designs. Our Jewellery draws upon inspirations from World's Culture and Gifts of Nature to create a unique range of luxury fashion jewellery.Our pieces are easy to wear and are designed to offer Fashionistas a range of statement pieces and tiny trinkets.

Faiza Taha The Designer and Founder of Artitus:


Faiza Taha is UK based Jewellery Designer. She creates culture and nature inspired luxury jewellery with a striking contemporary look.She does not have any background in fine art or Jewellery designing and that is her edge over other qualified designers. Her thought process is not based on any systematic sequences and she just takes her sketch book and started converting her thoughts onto paper as soon as anything strikes her. Her random ideas give variety to her collection and her interaction with nature and culture provoke her to design something unique and yet practical.


She started her career as Electrical Engineer in an Oil Marketing Company. Her passion for jewellery designing was with her since collage days and She used to twist wires and resistors to create a lab project of her own – wire hoop earrings or nuts and bolts studded necklaces and bracelets.

In 2013 She moved to UK and took a break from 9-5 routine. Her rest year took her to places with rich, bold and diverse culture and breath-taking nature wonders where She could not hold an artist inside her and launched her first jewellery collection,Odyssey in London in March 2014. A very warm welcome by her customers appreciated her to continue designing and now She is ready to reach the fashion lovers with her exclusive and chic jewellery collections.

Faiza explains her brand, 

“I am interested in travelling and finding inspiration to design something extremely practical, edgy and modern through something very basic so that it must not be just a piece of jewellery but a style statement”