• Faiza Taha

The 10 Most Popular Non-Bridal Jewellery Designs

Every High End Jewellery magazine is focused on Bridal Jewellery and almost all fashion accessories blogs are centred on high moving trends. But we have listed for you 10 very cool jewellery designs that don't cost the earth and can be snapped up on special occasions or distinctive everyday look. These designs are loved by women looking for timeless additions to their own jewellery boxes.

Top 10 Most Popular Jewellery Designs

10. Gold Chocker

Superfine gold chain is gorgeous, especially when turned into a choker. But if you like to colourful and statement making pieces then thicker chain-link chokers are your best buy.

9. Gold Hoops

If you really want to step up your accessorising game you need bold and gold hoops in jewellery box.

8. The Indispensable Pearls

Some of the most wonderful designs to emerge in recent years feature pearls, but it is classic pearl strands, single pearl drop pendants and earrings and coloured pearl studs that continue to sell from centuries.

7. The Elegant Rose Gold

Simple pieces in rose gold polish have just a little bit of edge as it goes with all skin tones. Our pick are the earrings in rose gold, which makes a graceful statement by pouncing up the lobe.

6. Layered Up Necklaces

British summer is all about having fun with everyday jewellery. Necklaces are striking enough to be worn alone but we love layering them up. It's truly a way to put your personal touch on the pieces and make the jewellery your own.

5. Collectable Stacking Rings

Whether set with gems or plated in gold or silver, the massive assortment of stacking rings are available in the market. One is never enough! Go Fine or fashion it all depends on the budget but irrespective of price we have some amazing established and emerging designers coming up every now and then with their rings collections.

4. The Long Chain Earrings

The long chain earring is a fine chain of gold suspending a single gem or any delicately designed drop. We can say that it’s the modern art for the ear and is in high demand by fashionistas.

3. Pretty Pendants

Bold or delicate depends on your personal style but pretty pendants are something women cannot live without.

2. Build-able Charm Bracelet

Pandora is best known for its charm bracelet. It’s an affordable way to mark birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and life events, and we don’t imagine this mania is ending any time soon.

1. Statement Earrings

How can a jewellery list be completed without a striking pair of Earrings that describe you without even saying a single word? From Royals to Hollywood A-Listers to Instagram Idols, these larger than life celebrities have always made their mark with their choice of Statement Earrings. And thus it’s on number 1 in our list of most popular jewellery designs.